September 28, 2001

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"Big Brother wasn't watching close enough." --Bill Maher on the ability of terrorists to enter the US and board the planes used on 9/11.

Happy New Year: It's 1984, by Jacob Levich. This intelligent article reminds us of the world of Orwell's novel -- it wasn't just about a man who dared to fall in love.

Alone on the Hill: Mother Jones interviews Barbara Lee -- the only representative to vote against a resolution authorizing President Bush to use "all necessary and appropriate force" against anyone associated with the terrorist attacks.

To Parents Going Beyond Mainstream Advice, by Cynthia Peters. Peters was dismayed to discover that mainstream advice to parents was, essentially, to write off the terrorist attacks as impossible to understand.

The Onion, Vol 37 Iss 34. The Onion's "Talking to Your Child" has serious material that would make Ms Peters proud. Then it wades into rougher waters -- and gives us much-needed laughs. Don't miss the infographic or the TV listings.

Act for Change, at Working Assets identifies your senators and representatives and calls attention to legislation under consideration. Want to urge the representatives you elected to respect your wishes? Act for Change can help.



Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) was released as a film in 1956 and remade in 1984 (in a well-regarded production featuring John Hurt and Richard Burton). 1984 is often described as the tale of a man who rebels against his totalitarian society by falling in love.

Our surveillance capabilities are surpassing Big Brother's, and we too distort language into an ironic thing. Perhaps most relevant, Orwell's Oceania is a nation that maintains a constant state of war in order to distract its citizens from the terrible realities of their daily lives.

We are probably in no danger of seeing love made a criminal offense, and claims that we already hear doublespeak are a cliche. But we have been asked to prepare for an extended conflict, to expect sacrifices. We may have thought better of claiming Infinite Justice, but will we be shackled at home by Enduring Freedom?

The first shock has receded. We need to seek understanding of the current events, the better to hone our own views. This is also a time to take advantage of Congress's reluctance to give Ashcroft an immediate vote and urge our representatives to help us retain the ideals that our nation is justly famous for.


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